Discover the music technology of the future.
Finding “something” that has never been done before.
We continue to provide “surprises” that have never been seen.
You never know unless you try, so let’s do it!


Thomas Edison revolutionized the way music can be enjoyed at home.

Akio Morita revolutionized the way music can be enjoyed anywhere.

Steve Jobs revolutionized the way to carry music in your pocket.

Three great men made music a part of life
and created an environment where everyone can
enjoy music at any time.

We, DiscoverFeed,will also provide a new environment
where you can share emotions and excitement with your friends through music
by our Music x Metaverse technology.
Music fans from all over the world gather in a virtual space to create
new music experiences to share emotions and excitement,
and revolutionize the music industry.

CEO Yoshimichi Tsuyuki

Project Member

Yotam Dov Chief EU Region Manager

As founder of WeRaveYou,a media company specializing in EDM,Yotam Dov has coverd the club business and developed events

Antonio Afonso Advisor

As the director of Brazil’s Green Valley, one of the largest clubs in the world,Afonso is well acquainted with the world’s Top DJs and has been appointed as a DJ development advisor for DiscoverFeed.


  • Company name Discoverfeed Co., Ltd.
  • Address Kiraku building , 7-6-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 JAPAN
  • Establishment June,2018
  • Capital 19.8million yen
  • Email info@discoverfeed.net
  • phone number +81-3-5114-5631


  • Representative Director Yoshimichi Tsuyuki
  • Directors Shuichi Nakahara
  • Directors Shirou Koba
  • Directors Naoki Kasahara