About NFT

Q1. What is NFT?
NFT stands for "non-fungible token." At a basic level, an NFT is a digital asset that links membership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos. NFTs can be considered modern-day collectibles.
Q2. How many types of Virtual Club Membership NFT are available?
DiscoverFeed will issue 1,000 Virtual Club Membership NFT ("Club Memberships") per Club. 
Sonce up to 75 clubs will participate, there will be up to 75 different club memberships.
Q3. Do all Club Memberships have the same benefits?
There is a difference in the privileges offered at real stores.
The percentage of reward is the same, but the amount of reward may vary due to the difference in sales at each club.
Q4. Can one person purchase multiple club memberships?
Yes, multiple club memberships can be purchased.
Q5. Can one person purchase multiple NFTs for a particular club membership?
Yes, there is no maximum purchase limit.
Q6. What is WhiteList(WL)?
In the NFT world, WL typically means that a crypto wallet address, (i.e. a public ETH address), is pre-approved for minting of NFTs on specified dates/times (usually a date/time window).

About Virtual Club Membership NFT

Q1. Is there an age limit to become a Club Membership holder?
Yes, all club membership holders must be at least 21 years of age or the legal age of majority in accordance with the laws and regulations of their respective countries.
In principle, all club membership holders must be at least 21 years of age. In addition, only those who are over the age of majority in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country are eligible to participate.
Q2. How long are club memberships valid for?
3 years since minting. But if you get it from Marketplace, the validity period may be shorter.
After 3 years, the benefits associated with the NFT membership card will expire, but it can be renewed. Additional benefits will be offered to users who have held their membership for three years.
Q3. What are the benefits of club membership?
Benefits include invitations to real and virtual events, rewards for supporting DiscoverFeed's business, Rewards for customer acquisition,access to special content, and preferential privileges for the holding club. Please have a check the Club Membership Overview (URL) for details.
Q4. Can I rent out my club membership NFT if I cannot go to a real event that is a benefit?
Yes, it is possible.
Q5. If I sell my club membership NFT on the marketplace, do I have to pay transaction fees?
For example, all secondary sales on Opensea require a fee to Opensea. For details, please check the terms and conditions of each marketplace or the Collection details of Discoverfeed in the marketplace.
Q6. When are the real events held?
We plan to hold 4 meetings per year for each club. Details will be announced on each club's channel in Discord.
Q7. In which countries are the affiliated clubs located?
We plan to partner with 25 clubs in Southeast Asia, 30 clubs in Europe, and 20 clubs in North and South America by the end of 2023. Please click here (URL) for the current list of affiliated clubs.
Q8. What happens to club memberships if real store closes?
We will develop a new club and grant club memberships NFT to the new club.
Q9. Are club memberships NFT securities?
No. Club memberships NFT are not securities. The rights holder is not DiscoverFeed or an investor in the applicable Club. Club Membership NFT holders have the right to participate in exclusive digital experiences and DMC DAOs and to provide DiscoverFeed business support. You will be compensated for your assistance.
Q10. When will the exclusive content for Club membership privileges be available?
We are currently working on a website for exclusive member NFT. The schedule and other information will be announced.
Q11. Where can I get a head-mounted display (HMD) to view the limited contents?
The current Open Beta version does not yet support HMD. We plan to support HMD after upgrading the version in the future.
Q12. Where can I check the benefits of each club?
Each club has different special offers for real club. Please check here(to be prepared).

About Metaverse Space

Q1. When is the official release?
It is currently in Open Beta version. After various upgrades, the official release is scheduled for the end of 2023.
Q2. Can I participate in each event for free?
We are planning to hold 5 free events starting on 22th July 2022. After that, we are planning to organize events for those who hold NFT, limited T-shirts, etc. Details will be announced as they become available.
Q3. What devices are supported by the Open Beta version?
You can participate on a variety of devices including Windows, Mac, smartphones & tablets (Android, iPhone). We are pushing the limits of devices, but we do recommend devices with higher specs.
As a precaution, we recommend browser applications such as Chrome or Safari. There have been reports of some internal browsers such as Facebook, Twitter or LINE not working.
Q4. How much communication environment is required?
We recommend a WIFI environment of more than 100MB.
Q5. How can I participate in events?
You can check how to participate in various events on the event page (