DMCCoin, DiscoverFeed’s internal utility token, is listed

DMCCoin (Decentralized Music Chain Coin/Issued by DMCLab), a utility token within DiscoverFeed, a metaverse project that fuses the real and virtual, will be listed on February 13, 2024 on the leading crypto asset exchange It will be listed on DEEPCOIN, a leading crypto asset exchange, on February 13, 2024.
DMCCOIN is the second company to be listed, following LBANK.

DiscoverFeed is a company that specializes in club music, reproducing 75 of the world’s most famous clubs in the Metaverse space, providing an environment where people around the world can experience club music, and selling NFT memberships for Metaverse clubs.
DiscoverFeed service is scheduled to begin at the end of February 2024, with the first club, Sel Octagon Tokyo, one of Japan’s leading clubs, to be opened, and the number of clubs will gradually expand.

DiscoverFeed, Inc.

DiscoverFeed is a company that operates a music distribution platform that utilizes digital twin technology to recreate the world’s most famous clubs in a metaverse space, as well as the creation and operation of digital twins.
Name: DiscoverFeed, Inc.
Location: 203 Kiraku Building, 7-6-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoshimichi Roki
Business description: Operation of Metaverse music distribution platform, operation of music events, production of digital content, digital twin production and operation, and related businesses
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Instagram: https: //
Facebook: https: //
Discord: https: //

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DiscoverFeed, Inc.

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