Notice of Opening of Virtual Art Gallery and Start of Support Program for Artists with Disabilities

We, DiscoverFeed, Inc. are pleased to announce the opening of a virtual gallery that will utilize digital twin technology to exhibit and sell paintings by people with disabilities in a virtual space.

Digital Twin is a technology that reproduces various data collected from the real world on a computer as if it were a twin.
We are in the business of recreating various commercial and cultural facilities around the world online using digital twin technology. By opening a virtual gallery with the cooperation of the owners of the digital twin space, DiscoverFeed will create opportunities for people around the world to participate in social contribution, as well as support people with disabilities.

Virtual Gallery Image

■Virtual Gallery Space Exhibit Samples

This project is operated with the full cooperation of the Organization for the Promotion of Independence of Persons with Disabilities, which aims to help people with disabilities participate in society and achieve economic independence based on the philosophy of “creating a world where people with disabilities can fulfill their dreams through art.

Since 2007, the Organization for the Promotion of Independence of Persons with Disabilities has been promoting the independence of persons with disabilities by inviting companies to utilize art created by persons with disabilities, but since only one actual painting exists, it has been difficult to spread our activities worldwide.
Therefore, we have decided to create an opportunity for people around the world to experience and purchase Paralympic art works by converting the works into digital data, installing the data in the digital twin space produced by our company, and converting each work into NFT.

In addition to the sale of art NFTs, “Donation Symbol NFTs” will also be sold as proof of support for the creation of “a world where people with disabilities can make their dreams come true through art”. This “Donation Symbol NFT” is a proof of contribution to Paralympic Art.

◎Donation Symbol NFT Image
1 Donation symbol NFT is determined by the picture displayed in the center after purchase.
2 Pictures are assigned automatically, and pictures cannot be specified.
3 Purchased symbols can be displayed as icons on your SNS.

The NFT of artwork has had the problem that some paintings sell well and others do not, depending on the skill of the artist. This problem will be solved.

The “Paralympic Art Virtual Gallery” to be established through this project will introduce a naming rights system for corporations and individuals (the right to use a company name or brand name in the name of the facility where the virtual art gallery will be held), and will offer a variety of support methods in addition to the purchase of art NFT as a corporate social contribution measure. The “Art NFT” is a social contribution measure for corporations.

About the Organization for the Promotion of Independence of Persons with Disabilities

■About ParalynArt
This is an activity in which the Organization for the Promotion of Independence of Persons with Disabilities provides art works by persons with disabilities to companies and individuals, and pays the artists’ fees.
Its main objective is to support people with disabilities who are unable to participate in society and are suffering financially. Through art, the organization promotes social participation and economic independence for people with disabilities without relying on social security funds.

■Paralympic Art Initiatives

The strength of ParalynArt is that it has already been endorsed by many athletes and celebrities as special supporters, as well as by approximately 360 partner companies, ranging from those listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to small and medium-sized enterprises.
By adopting this initiative, partner companies can not only display the art, but also use it for IR, PR, and marketing purposes, such as product planning and event organization.
Through this project, we aim to contribute to the enhancement of corporate brand value and increase in sales, thereby building sustainable “active social participation and economic independence of people with disabilities” and “promotion of the SDGs throughout society”.
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